Who ara we?

Al israa investment & free zones company is a simple recommendation company working in the field of exportation, which was established on 21/12/2015 under the supervision of the investment and free zones Authority.

  • The company is a member of the Italian chamber of commerce.
  • The company Is a member of the export council for leather, shoes and leather products.
  • Our Goals
    • Increasing the volume of Egyptian exports and activating joint cooperation between the Arab republic of Egypt and all countries of the world.
    • Increasing the rate of Egyptian investment.
    • Pumping vitality and activity in the arteries of the Egyptian economy through the provision of foreign currencies.
  • Our Mission
    • Opening new markets for Egyptian products.
    • Encourage Egyptian products to compete in international markets and transit through the economic bridge to the countries of the world and encourage the Egyptian industries and benefit from the free agreement concluded with some countries of the world.
  • Our Vision
    • Developing export activity to after-sale service and competition.
    • Competition of the Egyptian product Du high quality and appropriate prices in the world markets.